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3d модель мультипатч arcgis - мод зов монолита с повелителем зоны

3d модель мультипатч arcgis

ArcGIS geoprocessing tool that imports one or more 3D models into a multipatch If point features that define the position of each model's centroid in real-world. There are several ways to create 3D z-aware feature data in ArcGIS. Creating new 3D features · How to import an existing 3D model into a multipatch feature. You can use the 3D Editor's Insert construction tool to create new multipatch . When prompted, navigate to the location of the supported 3D model There are several ways to import a three-dimensional (3D) model into a multipatch feature class. The files can be imported directly into a feature class, converted.

19 мар 2014 Как подготовить 3D модель с текстурой городской застройки средствами ArcGIS. Создать мультипатч ArcGIS. Интерфейс этого.

3d модель мультипатч arcgis
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